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Anna Kotlabova

Heatwaves hit the Pacific Northwest

Read our recommendations for building a more resilient society in response to heatwaves.
Anna Kotlabova

Stay Ahead of Storm Surges with Emergency Management

Storm surges can occur whenever there is a storm close to large bodies of water. Make sure you are prepared.
Guy Walker

The Top Free Data Sources for the 2021 US Wildfire Season

With over 1 million acres already burned by wildfires this year in the US, these are the top six free sources for managing wildfire risk.
Anna Kotlabova

What is Risk Management Planning?

What is risk management planning and what are the types of risks you should plan for?
Anna Kotlabova

Differences Explained: Incident Management versus Problem Management

Effective incident and problem management make businesses more resilient.
Anna Kotlabova

The Importance of Emergency Planning

What is emergency planning and how do you know which emergencies to prepare for? Find out here.
Guy Walker

Communication Best Practices During A Pandemic Outbreak

Follow these key steps to ensure your organisation communicates effectively during a pandemic outbreak.
Anna Kotlabova

How to prepare and respond to severe weather events: A Checklist

Find out how to protect your organisation from severe weather events.
Anna Kotlabova

WatchKeeper completes the 2021 NCSC Cyber Accelerator

WatchKeeper successfully completed the NCSC programme as part of the spring 2021 cohort focusing on smart cities.
Guy Walker

WatchKeeper Joins The United Nations ARISE Network

WatchKeeper joins the United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction's alliance to help make societies more resilient to disaster.
Anna Kotlabova

Checklist: 10 Ways to Ensure Duty of Care for Remote Employees in 2021

Follow these practical steps to ensure duty of care for a remote workforce in 2021.
Guy Walker

WatchKeeper Achieves ISO 27001 Certification

WatchKeeper achieves a globally recognised standard for information security.
Anna Kotlabova

WatchKeeper Hosts Product Launch Event

WatchKeeper speaks with leading experts about the risks that threaten life safety and critical business operations.
Anna Kotlabova

A Single Pane of Glass

WatchKeeper is an integral platform for security teams responsible for keeping employees and organisations safe.
Anna Kotlabova

NCSC Cyber Accelerator: WatchKeeper developing improved situational awareness

WatchKeeper is developing situational awareness technologies with the support of the NCSC Cyber Accelerator.
Guy Walker

The Five Best Public Data Sources For Managing Tropical Storm Risk

WatchKeeper discusses the best sources for tropical storm data and how they can be used to help organisations manage risk events.
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