WatchKeeper Hosts Product Launch Event

Anna Kotlabova
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WatchKeeper launches new situational awareness platform and hosts event exploring the topic, "How to protect your organisation from risks in a post-pandemic world."
On 11 March 2021, WatchKeeper launched its new critical event management platform. As part of the launch, WatchKeeper hosted a webinar that explored the topic, How to protect your organisation from risks in a post-pandemic world. Attendees heard from some of the world’s leading experts about the risks that continue to threaten life safety and critical business operations. The topic is a timely one, as the threats that corporate security teams are most likely to manage, such as civil unrest, natural disasters and violent crime, are only increasing in frequency and severity.
Hugh Farquhar, CEO of WatchKeeper, kicked off the product launch with an exclusive demonstration of the new WatchKeeper situational awareness platform. Webinar attendees got a first look at how WatchKeeper helps security teams manage threats at scale. This included a run-through of features and unique capabilities. As the former SVP of Global Security & Crisis Management at Citibank, Hugh has firsthand experience of the slow and manual processes corporations use to respond to adverse events. Hugh explained that his motivation for founding WatchKeeper, a highly-intuitive real-time platform, was precisely to help security teams respond to adverse events collaboratively and quickly.
Ali Soufan was the keynote speaker at the WatchKeeper launch. A recognised expert on counter-terrorism and national security, he is a former FBI Supervisory Special Agent who investigated and supervised complex international terrorism cases, including the East Africa embassy bombings, the attack on the USS Cole, and the events surrounding 9/11. He is also a member of the Homeland Security Advisory Council. In his speech, Ali Soufan gave his expert insight on projected terrorism threats as people return to offices, transport hubs and hospitality venues later this year.
Another theme running through the event was that of the physical security threats posed by civil unrest. Global debt is a whopping 365% of GDP as governments have borrowed trillions of dollars to deal with the fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic, with several countries having already defaulted on their debt obligations or at high risk of debt distress. Whilst governments struggle to balance their books, multiple factors are driving public disobedience risks, including growing inequality, the lack of government transparency and the suppression of human rights. Henry Wilkinson, Chief Intelligence Officer at The Risk Advisory Group, joined the WatchKeeper launch to address the rise of civil unrest as the pandemic continues to exacerbate dramatic socio-economic challenges.
In tandem with the ongoing risks from terrorism and civil unrest, Hugh Farquhar reminded the audience that in 2020 there was a record of 50 billion-dollar weather disaster events globally. This is compared to an average of 29 since 1990. James Burn, Senior Meteorologist at IBM Weather shared his insights with the audience on how the increased frequency and severity of natural disasters should be expected as the new norm, and how to best prepare for these scenarios.
The WatchKeeper launch was attended by senior executives from diverse industries such as insurance, technology, travel, retail, consumer goods and nonprofit organisations. In the next few months, WatchKeeper will be making some exciting announcements on additional enhanced functionalities that cannot be found on any other situational awareness platforms from the industry’s leading risk vendors.
You can view a recording of the webinar here. To find out more about WatchKeeper, or to request a demo please visit or email today.
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