NCSC Cyber Accelerator: WatchKeeper developing improved situational awareness

Anna Kotlabova
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WatchKeeper was selected as one of three promising tech start-ups for the NCSC Cyber Accelerator Spring 2021 cohort.
Every year the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) selects a number of start-ups which they see as the UK’s next generation of leading cyber security companies. Together, these start-ups join the Cyber Accelerator programme, which runs for ten weeks. The programme is run in partnership with the UK Government Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) and Wayra (Telefónica’s Open Innovation Hub).
WatchKeeper was selected as one of three promising tech start-ups for the Spring 2021 cohort. This cohort will focus on the theme of smart cities, with a particular emphasis on data insights and situational awareness.
The programme forms part of NCSC’s vision to make the UK a safer place to live and work with the help of innovation from leading start-ups. The programme originates from a 2015 Government proposal to develop cyber innovation centres to improve cyber security and promote prosperity across the UK.
What does the programme involve?
The ten-week programme aims to combine the technical expertise of NCSC and the commercial expertise of Wayra into one extensive programme. This will allow the companies on the Cyber Accelerator to discuss potential partnerships with NCSC, further develop their product, meet companies and investors, and create growth opportunities.
What is the relevance of situational awareness?
Situational awareness is a crucial feature in the development of smart cities. With a diverse array of smart city developments occurring across the UK, situational awareness unifies and improves the security among these varying projects.
As such, NCSC is focusing on further developing situational awareness technologies to understand how they can be integrated into smart cities. This will enable users to develop a better understanding of large infrastructure projects. It will also improve the monitoring and incident management of security threats.
What does WatchKeeper do?
WatchKeeper’s new situational awareness platform unifies disparate risk data to provide an integrated view of security events occurring around the world. During this programme, new feeds will be integrated to provide a view of cyber security events such as the presence of malicious traffic, DDoS attacks and network outages. This is all mapped in a single real-time display alongside clients’ assets along with custom alerts, team collaboration, reporting and dynamic briefings.
Why did WatchKeeper join?
WatchKeeper joined the Cyber Accelerator programme to further enhance cyber security features and data integrations on its innovative real-time risk alerting platform. By working with Wayra, NCSC and DCMS, WatchKeeper aims to further improve situational awareness for both physical and cyber security teams.
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