A Single Pane of Glass

Anna Kotlabova
. 3 min read
WatchKeeper has a unique combination of automated risk alerting and crisis management features.
Whilst the Covid-19 has brought risk resiliency to the forefront of every business strategy, organisations must ensure they do not become blinkered by the pandemic. Risk events, such as hurricanes, wildfires, civil unrest and extreme weather events are occurring with greater frequency and severity. In fact, as we post this, a severe ice storm has crippled large parts of the United States, with 150 million people under winter weather storm warnings and millions left without power.
Organisations must, therefore, take a proactive approach to holistic risk management. A unified situational awareness platform is a way to prepare, monitor and take action against threats to an organisation’s personnel assets and operations.
WatchKeeper integrates clients’ internal databases or network-connected systems seamlessly into its platform. This allows security and risk managers to visualise proprietary assets in tandem with automated risk alerts around the world in a single pane of glass. Security teams can quickly identify when a high-impact event is in close proximity to a facility or an employee, without having to go back and forth between disparate systems.
In addition, security teams can choose to view only those risk events which are within a set distance of one of their assets. This feature removes the need for security teams to undertake overwhelming and inefficient monitoring of all events, instead of focusing only on those that are relevant to their organisation.
Duty of care toward employees is not limited to the office headquarters. The pandemic has meant the majority of workforces are now working from home and when travelling returns, business travel risks are going to be more complex than ever before. This is why WatchKeeper lets security teams upload employee data from human resources or travel systems. This allows security teams to easily monitor any potential threats to remote or travelling personnel by visualising their location on WatchKeeper’s mapping platform. This feature will only increase in importance as normal life and increased travel resumes later this year.
When a security threat has been identified as high-risk by a security team, reacting to the event is done seamlessly through the same platform. Clients input the exact tasks and workflows to follow in case of specific events ahead of time. Tasks can be assigned to individual security team members directly from the WatchKeeper platform, removing the need to wait long periods for responses to internal emails while a potential disaster unfolds. The ability to prepare for a variety of risk scenarios with WatchKeeper’s platforms allows security teams to manage global threats at scale.
With its unique combination of automated risk alerting and crisis management features, WatchKeeper is an integral platform for security teams responsible for keeping employees and organisations safe.
WatchKeeper is launching its end-to-end critical event management solution on March 11th, 2021. To find out more about WatchKeeper, sign up for the launch event, or to request a demo, please visit https://watchkeeper.com.
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