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WatchKeeper System Requirements

Something not working? Try these five simple steps first

  1. Use a recent version of Google Chrome (not Internet Explorer)

  2. Ensure WebGL is available on your device by clicking here (you should see a spinning green circle if it is)

  3. Ensure the Use hardware acceleration when available setting is enabled in Google Chrome within chrome://settings

  4. Ensure the following two settings are Enabled within chrome://flags and then relaunch Chrome

Supported Browser Versions

Chrome version 42 or above (strongly recommended)

Edge version 80 or above

Firefox version 48 or above

Opera version 40 or above

Safari version 10.1 or higher

Not supported

Chrome still not working?

Inspect the status of WebGL

  • Go to chrome://gpu in the URL bar
  • Inspect the WebGL item in the Graphics Feature Status list. The status will be one of the following:
    • Hardware accelerated - this means WebGL is enabled and hardware-accelerated (all is well).
    • Software only, hardware acceleration unavailable - This means WebGL is enabled, but running in software.
    • Unavailable - This means WebGL is not available in hardware or software.

If the status is not Hardware accelerated, then the Problems Detected list below the the Graphics Feature Status list may explain why hardware acceleration is unavailable. Please consult this list before contacting our support team. If you have a display driver older than 2010, it may be the cause of the issue. Please update your display drivers and then go back to chrome://gpu again to look for problems.

Ensure you are not using a Chrome extension that may be disabling WebGL.

If you cannot use Chrome, use a recent version of Firefox, Edge or Safari and then ensure WebGL is enabled using the steps below:


Enable WebGL:

  • Go to about:config in the URL bar
  • Search for webgl.disabled
  • Ensure that its value is false (any changes take effect immediately without relaunching Firefox)

Then inspect the status of WebGL:

  • Go to about:support
  • Inspect the WebGL Renderer row in the Graphics table:
    • If the status contains a graphics card manufacturer, model and driver (eg: NVIDIA Corporation -- NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M OpenGL Engine), then WebGL is enabled.
    • If the status is something like Blocked for your graphics card because of unresolved driver issues or Blocked for your graphics driver version, then your graphics card/driver is blacklisted.


Enable WebGL:

  • Go to Safari‘s Preferences
  • Select the Advanced tab
  • Ensure that the Show Develop menu in menu bar checkbox is checked
  • In Safari‘ Develop menu, ensure that Enable WebGL is checked

Microsoft Windows Performance

For best graphics performance when using WatchKeeper, ensure the High performance setting is enabled for your chosen browser within Graphics settings as shown below:

Required URLs to Whitelist

HTTPS connectivity to the following URLs is required, raise a ticket with your IT helpdesk to ensure they are whitelisted on your network.

  • * and * - Core WatchKeeper domains
  • * - CMS content (images/text)
  • * - Map imagery
  • * - Weather data
  • * - Camera feeds
  • * - Anonymous user analytics
  • * - Anonymous error reporting
  • - Anonymous error reporting
  • * - Anonymous user analytics
  • * - Fonts and other static web assets
  • * - Anonymous user analytics

(*) denotes a wildcard meaning all subdomains should be whitelisted.


WatchKeeper uses JavaScript which must be enabled in the browser for services to function. Check if it is enabled at and follow the steps shown to enable if not.

Server Name Indication (SNI)

WatchKeeper uses Server Name Indication to provide HTTPS connectivity on web services.

Still need help?

Feel free to contact our support team at

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